Travel Insurance FAQs | with Melissa Feenstra

Ask a Real Travel Expert host Ken is joined by Melissa Feenstra, owner of Feenstra Travel, to discuss travel and trip insurance: why you should buy travel insurance, what happens if you have to make a claim, and what to expect for the overall cost of the protection. Melissa details the importance of protecting your vacation investment, highlights a few of the circumstances which a traveler may not consider when deciding whether of not to purchase travel insurance. Ken inquires about credit card travel and trip interruption coverage. Can your travel advisor file a claim for you? Melissa details what a travel agent can and can not do on behalf of a client and identifies who pays your claim. What is cancel for any reason coverage and is it any good? And finally, Melissa details both the importance of purchasing coverage that protects your entire trip and ensuring that you know the limitations of your policy and the terms of coverage

Timestamps have been included in the video description for your convenience.